Live Radio 4

Sunday the 6th of January we performed in the Royal Concertgebouw Amsterdam on live radio. Listen HERE to our performance. Title programme: Spiegelzaal (between 10 and 11 am). We start from the 32nd minute. 

New album 'El Compas'

We are happy to anounce that our new album 'El Compas' is coming. It will be available from december 15th 2018; we will play the program during concerts from january 2019 onwards (see agenda). 

Our CD 'Un Abrazo'

Our CD 'Un Abrazo' 
Now be ordered for 15 euro ( excl. Postage) or available at Concerto en Broekmans and van Poppel - Amsterdam.



Also on Spotify, iTunes (website) and Platomania (website).


¡Fue un abrazo muy fuerte! 
Muchísimas gracias por ello.
Full of Argentinian sun, very well played. A truly amazing CD.

Ms. G. Hillers

A wonderful CD where you can enjoy the tango and milonga while clearly feeling the embracement between violin, piano and bandoneon. Congratiolations for making the listeners enjoy the poetry and the nostalgia, typical for Buenos Aires.

Mw. P. Karpovich